Construction has always been and will always be. Leaders in the production of building materials will remain those who have progressive equipment. Among the many profile bending machines produced by different TMs, production lines of our company are different:

  1. versatility – the machines are designed to produce several models of bent structures;
  2. progressive – the equipment is made according to sketches of modern designers, lines are maximally automated and minimize human resources;
  3. reliability – the products are assembled from high-precision mechanisms and parts, so you don’t have to worry about the serviceability of the machines for a long period.

You can buy a machine for making skates, siding, rolls, metal tiles and other construction bent structures at the website. Applying to their services, customers receive good quality equipment and its service. Without intermediaries, at low prices, with a guarantee of quality.

Machines for the production of roofing products

Requirements for roofing material are high. Its quality is affected not only by the original raw materials, but also by the method of manufacture. Since the rebate roofing products are in high demand among the rest of the roof, buying a line for the production of metal – a great way to start your own business or expand your activities. Lines for the production of metal tiles are a few individual blocks, assembled into a single structure with a full production cycle. For equipment maintenance it is enough to have 2 employees, whose functions are reduced to raw material supply. Machines produce profiles with folded connection, which helps to collect the roof without visible gaps. This eliminates the presence of places for possible moisture ingress.

Equipment for metal tiles and other products is different:

  • ease of use;
  • mobility;
  • high performance;
  • ease of reconfiguration.

Units roll metal tiles made of galvanized steel. Precision of finished products is achieved through automated regulation of production. This guarantees premium quality of products.

The machine for siding production without seams has 7 advantages:

  1. You can start fulfilling your order immediately. There is no need to wait until they produce and bring the siding of the required length and shade.
  2. The opportunity to get a profitable order, offering a special technology, because seamless siding is a novelty in the market.
  3. Saving money, because there are no scraps of metal.
  4. Finished material has an attractive appearance, thanks to the embossed pattern, which resembles a cut of wood.
  5. There are no downtimes in work.
  6. You can implement siding in retail, cutting it under the parameters of the client.
  7. There is no need to solve the problem with storage of purchased material.

Line for siding production consists of:

  • reel unwinder;
  • profile bending machine drive;
  • cut-through hand scissors;
  • control systems for work with the portable console.

The equipment is perfectly suitable for siding production of unlimited lengths for installation of seamless facades. When choosing the devices, be sure to consult with a specialist beforehand, specifying whether the equipment is suitable for the desired result or not. If you want to find quality modern equipment, you can find it at. This will help you to take responsibility for the search of reliable products and create all the necessary conditions so that you can eventually count on an optimal result after purchase. Fortunately, now there are specialized companies, which will be ready to find you the highest level products at affordable prices.