There are many incredible cases where ordinary players at the casino instantly became rich, or, conversely, lost all the money. We have prepared for you the stories of the biggest winnings. If you want to repeat these success stories, you need to choose a reliable casino at and start your own journey. Let’s take a look at five players who have managed to add their names to the list of the lucky ones who won tidy sums of money in casinos.

Charles Wells: the story of a casino game in Monaco

British inventor Charles Devil Wells went to play at the casino in Monaco in 1891, which was then 30 years old. After sitting down to play roulette at lunch, Charles sat at the gambling table until the evening, without taking a break. This was the mode in which the inventor spent time in the casino for a week. Breaking the bank many times, the man continued to enjoy the game without a thought of getting discouraged. In the end, Charles Wells spent during the week £400 thousand and won £4 million.

Cynthia J: How the Las Vegas waitress hit the jackpot 

The gambling capital of Las Vegas has a lot of stories about how fate can radically change a player’s life. Some of them it makes unspeakably rich, and others – poor. So, Cynthia Jay, an ordinary waitress in Las Vegas, happened to be working in a casino. After her work shift on January 29, 2000, she decided to gamble a little. She couldn’t spend very much, since she only had $27 on her. Taking a chance on the slot machine, Cynthia was losing dollar after dollar. But just as she decided to leave, there was a loud noise in the gambling hall that marked her victory. The machine the girl was playing was part of the Megabucks system. The percentage of money lost on many other machines was deposited into it. At that time it had amassed $34,959,458, which Cynthia won. So the Las Vegas waitress became the owner of the biggest slot machine winnings at the time.

Archie Karas: How to Turn $50 into $40 Million 

After moving from Europe to America, Archie Karas first worked in a restaurant in Los Angeles. There he learned how to play pool well on billiards, and then went to conquer the poker rooms. Having honed his poker skills between 1992 and 1995, Archie Karas turned $50 million into $40 million, but then successfully lost it to poker and his favorite game of craps. Now Archie Karas lives in Vegas, and his family – in his historic homeland in Greece. The poker enthusiast is often seen at WSOP tournaments.

Elmer Sherwin: Double Wins

World War II veteran Elmer Sherwin has had two fortunes. The first time was in 1989 when he decided to go to a casino in Las Vegas and play the Megabucks slot machine. After spending $100 and running the slot just once, Elmer Sherwin won $5 million. After that, Elmer began to come to the casino regularly. The second time he got lucky was 16 years later. Sherwin again managed to hit the slot machine jackpot. True, this time the war veteran earned much more – $21 million. The case of Elmer Sherwin is an exception to the rule, which suggests that sometimes you can enter the same river twice.

Peter: how Arabian Night made him $38 million at an online casino 

The story of a guy named Peter is still the only case where a player was able to win $38 million at an online casino. Peter was just lying on his couch, betting on Arabian Night slot and won a tidy sum in an instant. At first the guy did not even believe in what happened, but soon it turned out that the Arabian Night really brought him $38 million.

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