Something breaks at home all the time, and maybe you can replace a light bulb or batteries in your watch yourself. But what if the shower is broken, the wiring is burnt or you need to install a dishwasher? You don’t have the tools and experience you need, and you don’t have a craftsman on the horizon who could be entrusted with solving household problems? We have tried to figure out what is most often entrusted to professional craftsmen.

What to entrust to a handyman

Handyman is a master of all trades. He can fix the socket, change the crane, assemble the cabinet, help carry heavy purchases or install the eaves. Such masters are at the service of not only women, but also men. Husbands are already tired, and often just can not do what is required. So it is much easier to hire someone who will quickly do the job and get rid of household quarrels. As a rule, masters for an hour call when you need help with home appliances, male strength and repair using tools that you may not have.

The most common requests are

  1. Furniture assembly and repair. Buying a new wardrobe or desk is a beautiful and inspiring activity. But their assembly is complicated and tiresome. Let’s say, you can handle the assembly of shelves from IKEA on your own, but larger structures are better to entrust to professionals. Of course, you can order the assembly from a furniture dealer, but it will be cheaper to contact a private specialist, who will also come at a convenient time for you, and not vice versa.
  2. Repair of bathroom fixtures. Change the faucet or the part in the toilet is not so difficult. It is quite another matter – immediately understand what part to buy, and guess its size. Professional plumbers will not have problems with this problem.
  3. Services of an electrician. Sometimes to troubleshoot problems with the electrician is not enough simple replacement of a blown light bulb or socket housing. The problem may be more serious than it seems at first sight. So it can be dangerous to solve it yourself, and it is better to entrust it to professionals. Not only will they be able to detect the problem, but they can also fix it safely and quickly.
  4. Small-scale household repairs. Update the skirting board that your dog has chewed on, partially glue the wallpaper perfectly painted by children, replace grout in the bathroom – all this can be done by yourself. But in order not to waste nerves and precious time, it is better to entrust the work to those who it will not cause trouble. Specialists in small household repairs will gladly come to the aid in solving such problems.

The master of all hands. If you need to perform a number of small works on the house, it is a great excuse to pass them on to a professional. For example, drill a hole in the wall and hang a mirror, cornice or shelf. Delegating such work not only saves you time and nerves, but also ensures that the new shelf does not fall under the weight of things, and the mirror is not damaged during installation.

How to choose a handyman

Having called a plumber or an electrician, we still allow the idea that a sloppy man with bad manners will come to fix a tap or wiring. Services of household services on the Internet allow you to choose your own favorite master.  Here you can understand a lot about the artist, having studied his profile, portfolio and real feedback from other customers. Contact Handy Kith if you are looking for a professional.

Signs of a good master

  • He specified the details of the task and asked to show the breakage in a photo or video.
  • He was punctual or warned in advance about the delay.
  • Performed everything qualitatively and told about how to avoid breakages in the future.
  • He made sure that nothing got dirty and cleaned up the garbage behind him.
  • He was polite.