All types of water filters are divided into two large groups – water treatment systems for domestic (technical) purposes and drinking water treatment. As for plant constructions, there are many modifications of plants on the market of modern filtering equipment, each of which is designed for a specific area of operation.

Filters for apartments

In apartments filters are put for water purification from harmful impurities. In each area the water has its own chemical composition, which should be taken into account when choosing a design. The level of contamination of the water source should also be taken into account in order to achieve the required filtration quality. In apartment buildings, the following types of water filters are used:

  • jars with cartridges and nozzles on the tap;
  • multistage flow systems;
  • reverse osmosis installations;
  • ultra-filtration systems.

Among the listed systems of reverse osmosis installations, based on the principle of semi-permeable membranes, are the most efficient and universal equipment. Professional companies are engaged in installation of modern filters, which can bring you a lot of benefits. Here is an example of such company On the website you can find professionals who will help you choose a really good filter.

High-tech filters purify water at the molecular level from mechanical impurities, chemical and biological pollutants, toxins and bacteria. The membrane lets in oxygen and other gases, as a result of which the water is close in composition to the melted glaciers. The only thing that limits the widespread use of plants is their high cost. The lack of minerals in the water after treatment by reverse osmosis systems is a relative disadvantage, since most of the trace elements we get with food.

Multistage flow filters ensure high cleaning quality provided that the cartridges are replaced in time. The first stage is responsible for mechanical cleaning, the second for removal of chemical compounds, the third for water softening and release of heavy metal salts. A professional approach to the choice of filtering system for the apartment will provide a high degree of water treatment, reasonable costs for the purchase and operation of equipment.

Capillary systems (ultra-filtration) purify water well from mechanical impurities and colloidal suspensions, but dissolved toxins and bacteria freely penetrate through the membrane material. Raw water should not be used after such purification.

Types of filters for country houses

Most country houses use water from artesian wells. This spring has long since failed to comply with the idea of groundwater purity. Laboratory studies of samples indicate strong contamination with organic compounds, high iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide content.

Several types of filters are used for water treatment – technical (bathrooms, showers) and domestic (drinking water purification). The technical installations neutralizing iron and adsorbing various impurity, are presented by different constructive models (work on reagents, and without reagents). Deironing plays an important role in ensuring uninterrupted water circulation, maintaining the pipeline system and sanitary equipment in operating condition.

Experts of apec water systems installation service, knowing well what are water filters, what advantages and disadvantages are present in modern models, will help to choose the best option for home, office, enterprise, taking into account the requirements for the quality of cleaning, restrictions on financial costs, timing of work.